ireland golf trips


Ireland is very popular with golfers, they will tell you that a visit to the ‘The 
Emerald Isle’ is like finding a friend for life and the golf is brilliant. The land is 
beautiful; the turbulent history stretches back 6000 years and is rich in myths and 
legends. The traditions are fascinating, fairs, festivals, music including some odd 
instruments, fiercely competitive dancing and joke telling, particularly one-liners. 
The Irish also love a good excuse for a party and the pubs are at the heart of Irish 
cultural, social and musical life. They are not places just to drink, but to talk, 
listen to poetry, traditional music, eat delicious food and of course not forgetting 
the Guinness. There is something for everyone, a spectacular coastline with great 
beaches, horse racing, fishing, water sports, gastronomic dining opportunities, 
historic sites, social history, and traditional crafts such as the world famous 
Waterford Crystal. The cities are vibrant and cosmopolitan, not too big but plenty to 
see and do.
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